India, a country that has been sportingly accepts any product that has been put on the market for its various productions worldwide. A new product has recently welcomed in its automobile section known as ‘Activa’. This new product is on the market for a company that is distributing some of the best products to consumers for a long time to get to know this company is nothing more than ‘Honda’.

Provide a new rate for girls and women in the country (because there were no other two-wheelers in the country before it could really be defined as a girls vehicle) this scooter is so popular among them that has made all the new record sales in such a short period. In fact, be very specific about this product actually it hits the market in 2000 and recently this product (Honda Activa) has been provided with an all new look to entice more customers towards itself.

Activa Honda is Popular in Scooter type. This two Wheeler has made its esteem all across India. Delhi public has revealed great interest to this easy to drive vehicle. On road Activa 3g Price in Delhi, Activa 125 Price In Delhi does not include optional bits and pieces like – Accessories, Extended warranty, AMC.


If you look at some of the basic features of this new Honda Activa in the market it is that it is an engine that is there with a huge list of features that as car has a 4 stroke, single cylinder engine OHC, air-cooled displacement 109cc it offers maximum. Power 8 hp (6.0 kW) @ 7500 rpm with max. 0.9 Kg tighten -m @ 5500 rpm.

If we look we will realize that it is a tank that has a capacity of 5.3 liter once, which means it can cover longer distances without trying a gasoline pump. This is not all as it comes with a batter 12V, 5Ah, 35/35 W halogen projector, a dimension of 710 x 1,761 x 1,147 mm Seat height 765 mm, height 145 mm.

If you go to some of the more technical features that find a link to the bottom of the front shock absorber with hydraulic spring swing and correct with hydraulic shock absorber spring units. In short, we can say that this Honda Activa price in India has been rightly maintain, as it has all the basic features of it, that may be requested by a user thereof.


Here are some basic details that are related to this product (Honda Activa) on the market, but if you are still looking a little more than you can take help of various online shopping websites in India, and view the various comments revived.


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