The brand names like the ‘Hero’, the ‘Honda’, the ‘TVS, the ‘Yamaha’, the ‘Mahindra’ the ‘Vespa’ and the ‘Suzuki’ are defending the supremacy in the scooter sector.

Amongst these, the least expensive scooter, Mahindra Kine 80 cc, comes for a cost of Rupees 34,785. The Piaggio Vespa VX 125 has a price of Rupees 75,520 and is the costliest of the lot.

From the Hero brand name, the Enjoyment and the Master are 2 popular scooters. The 100 cc Enjoyment is priced at Rupees 46,800 and the 110 cc Master at Rupees 47,000. From Yamaha, the Yamaha Ray Z is a 110 cc scooter priced from Rupees 46,000 to 60,000. The Yamaha Alpha is priced at Rupees 48,584 and offers mileages of 47 kmpl.

The Mahindra has the 125 cc Rodeo and is priced at Rupees 48,405 and has a fuel effectiveness of 59 kmpl. The 110 cc Mahindra Gusto is priced at Rupees 45,000 to 49,000 and has mileages of 61 kmpl.


In a nut shell, one can select a scooter inning accordance with his budget plan and tastes.

As a result, the scooter section turned into one of the most searched for sections of two-wheelers. Not just females, however likewise males began utilizing them, rising the need for them. Now more business have actually presented more recent designs and customized versions of the scooters. Presently, there are more than 20 kinds of scooters offered in the Indian scooter market.

The 110 cc TVS Wego is priced at Rupees 51,364 to 54050 and offers a mileage of 51 kmpl while the 110 cc TVS Jupiter is priced at Rupees 49,360 and has a much better fuel effectiveness of 60 kmpl. The just recently introduced TVS Enthusiasm is a 110 cc light scooter with mileages of 62 kmpl. The 90 cc TVS Scooty versions are priced from Rupees 41,000 to 48,000.

Scooters are making a strong resurgence, catching almost a quarter of the domestic two-wheeler sales. Because of the blockage on the Indian roadways, commuters discover it simple to ride scooters. The increasing fuel costs likewise make clients choose fuel effective scooters for day-to-day travelling. The 90s saw the intro of gearless scooters which were light-weight, fuel effective and simple to deal with.

Honda Activa 4g, the design credited with restoring the passing away scooter market after the exit of Bajaj Car, became the 2nd largest-selling two-wheeler brand name, behind just Hero Elegance. Priced around Rupees 49,843, this 110 cc scooter has a fuel effectiveness of 55 kmpl. The Honda Activa-I priced Rupees 46,964 has a much better mileage of 60 kmpl. The 125 cc Honda Activa 4g price from Rupees 56,060 onwards and provides mileages of 60 kmpl. The Honda Pilot is priced at Rupees 50,871 to 56,215 while the Honda Dio is priced Rupees 47,923.

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