Nevertheless, it’s been a couple of years because the Gain access to 4g was first introduced in 2007. A scandal sheet Honda Gain access to 4g with some cosmetic modifications was likewise presented in 2017. However Honda’s scooter sales were lacklustre over the past year, and sales of both 4gcc scooters – the Honda Gain access to and the Honda Swish – saw a decrease. So now, in 2017, Honda has actually presented a facelifted and updated variation of the brand new Gain access to 4g. The 2017 Honda Gain access to 4g will be offered alongwith the older design, at a minor premium. So, exactly what’s brand-new? Several things, in fact …

The Gain access to 4g is Honda Bike India’s very first star entertainer in the quickly growing automated scooter section. In a manner, the Gain access to 4g led the way for Honda’s very first company grip in the extremely competitive scooter market. A vivacious engine, widely appropriate appearances and good fuel economy got it rather a fan following.


2017 Honda Gain access to 4g.

Engine and Efficiency.

The disadvantage if there was one, would be the seat, even if it’s rather luxurious and comfy. At 780mm, the seat height isn’t really rather available for riders of all heights, and exactly what substances matters is the width of the rider seat. So, at a little over 5′ 9″, I could not put my feet flat on the ground at red light, so this could be an obstacle for some riders. However the brand-new Gain access to 4g likewise drops weight – a great 10kg at that – over the older design; so it’s improved power-to-weight ratio and simple manoeuvrability. At a declared 64kmpl fuel economy, anticipate fuel intake to be in the high 40s and even 50kmpl in the real life.

On paper, the figures do not appear much, however the 2017 Honda Gain access to 4g pleased us each time you pin the throttle open. It’s not lightning quickly off the block, however the scooter’s got adequate grunt to offer a sense of a strong, strong entertainer. Velocity is smooth and direct, and we handled to strike a speedo-indicated top speed of simply over 90kmph, and while it does that, there’s no vibration or demonstration from the engine, even at high speeds. Even with a pillion on board (a rather heavy one at that), the Gain access to 4g pulls without offering any sense of sensation worried.

In general, there’s little to grumble about the brand new Gain access to 4g. Sure, there’s nothing much to go ga-ga about the style, however it’s a good-looking scooter, with downplayed, however wise appearances which itself will discover appeal amongst a great deal of customers trying to find a strong and steady household scooter.

Honda states underseat storage is best-in-class at 21 litres. It can accommodate a little bag, a book or 2 and a complete face helmet, all within the exact same area! Exactly what is sorely missed out on is a USB power socket; although there’s area for an optional power socket, you will need to get that set up at your very own expense, not at the dealership, however out in the grey market.

The cockpit console is an easy system, with a big analog speedometer and a little digital screen with read outs for 2 journey meters, odometer, service period and a fuel gauge. The multi-function secret has ignition, guiding lock and remote seat release and general switchgear quality is rather great. The brand new Gain access to 4g likewise has a little pocket in advance and a few hooks to hang your groceries or a bag or more over the floorboard.

The general shape stays the like the older design, however with the addition of some brand-new style components; there’s a brand-new retro looking headlight with a fat chrome strip around it; the side panels have actually been upgraded too and there’s the addition of a 3D logo design along with a glossy chrome exhaust muffler. The modifications are subtle, however they work well and will attract a vast array of potential consumers.

One appearance and it appears that the brand new Honda Gain access to 4g will not win any appeal contests, and it’s not most likely to turn a lot of heads on the street too. However something is particular, the brand new Gain access to 4g looks big, and rather good-looking. It’s eliminated in thoughtful lines instead of being fashionably hip and does not make a loud, bold declaration.

What likewise impressed us is the trip quality. The large and long seat is luxurious and comfy and it’s appropriately matched by the suspension. All sorts of bumps are taken in rather perfectly, so pits and small roadway wavinesses are looked after with no judders.

There are not a surprises when you thumb the starter; the engine settles into a comforting hum and the scooter pulls easily, speeding up with no sense of sensation strained or with no vibrations sneaking in. The engine is a brand-new one – with SEP innovation or Honda Eco Efficiency, which minimizes friction amongst the moving parts and is likewise stated to enhance fuel economy. The general displacement stays the very same at 124cc, and makes the very same quantity of power – 8.58 bhp at 7,000 rpm. However it makes partially more torque now – 10.2 Nm at 5000rpm.

So, the brand new Honda Gain access to 4g is lighter, fuel effective and has widely appropriate appearances. At Rs 53,887 (ex-showroom Delhi), it’s likewise a number of thousand rupees less costly than the sector leader Honda Activa 4g. Rates for the disk brake variation – the one we are riding – are yet to be revealed. So, in all, the brand new Honda Gain access to 4g could be all the scooter you might request for. The concern that stays is – how it compares to its competitors. We’ll naturally be doing a full-fledged contrast test with its instant rivals – the Honda Activa 4g and the Mahindra Gusto 4g, and we sense it’s going to be a truly close finish to choose a winner.

The 12-inch front wheel and the telescopic front forks offer the Gain access to 4g superlative handling, and the version we are riding – with the front disk brake – slashes off speed rather easily, holding its line even under tough braking. Throughout our test flight, I needed to knock the brakes in seriousness as a restless motorist swerved in front of me throughout a cut in the roadway divider. The tires grasped remarkably, with simply a minor jerk of the tail, however the scooter didn’t lose composure. So, complete marks there, for emergency braking!


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