Attaining a brand-new turning point in the nation, India Honda Motor (IYM) produced its one-millionth scooter at the business’s Surajpur center in Greater Noida. The one-millionth scooter to roll off the assembly line is the incredibly popular ‘Fascino’, which has actually been among the business’s finest selling designs since it was released in 2015.

Honda Activa1 Million Scooter.

Honda’s scooter lineup consists of 110cc scooters that are targeted at various set of consumers. The Japanese existing lineup consists of 4 core scooters consisting of the Cygnus Ray Z, Cynus Alpha for household oriented purchasers, the retro styled Fascino and the freshly released Cygnus Ray-ZR that is targeted at young male purchasers.


Honda Fascino.

Talking about this accomplishment, Mr. Hiroaki Fujita, Chairman, IYM, stated, “This is a substantial landmark for Honda in India. IYM has actually had a very successful run in the scooter section and has actually been growing at a fast rate in the past couple of years. The present of the one-millionth scooter in India is a reflection of Honda’s increasing footprints in India in the scooter section and we are positive that will have the ability to additional enhance our position in the market. Both our plants at Surajpur and Chennai have actually carried out exceptionally well, adding to the business’s broadening consumer base & organisation”.

Having actually developed itself as a popular gamer in the Indian 2 wheeler section, Honda now commands a market share of 30 percent in 2 wheeler sales, and is intending an extra 10 percent share in scooters by the end of this year.

Honda India handled to strike the one-millionth scooter turning point in 4 years after going into the domestic automated scooter market. The bike maker initially presented the Cygnus Ray scooter in 2012 after showcasing it at the Automobile Exposition the very same year, and consequently presented brand-new designs over the next number of years in the nation. From the one million scooters produced, Honda has actually exported around 80,000 scooters internationally to markets like Nepal, Mexico and Sri Lanka, in addition to Expense Rica, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. The Cygnus Ray Z has actually been the greatest selling scooter in the abroad markets and is exported from both plants.

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The Indian 2 wheeler sector is growing significantly with the marketplace having actually reached 16 million systems in 2015 and is anticipated to grow at a comparable speed this year also. When it comes to Honda, the business saw a year-on-year development of 45 percent in the very first half of 2016, while scooter sales grew by a healthy 94 percent over in 2015. For the present year, Honda India intends to accomplish a production of one million 2 wheelers from both the centers, from which 4.6 lakh systems will be scooters.


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