It can be kept in mind that in March 2017, the Activa for the very first time ended the reign of the Elegance by offering 14,150 systems more at 1,77,928 systems than the Hero brand name.

The accomplishment has actually made the Japanese significant to modify upwards its scooter sales target to over 24 percent this year.

In January this year, the Activa took a lead of 10,778 systems over the Elegance, which practically doubled to 20,714 in February, however decreased to 10,717 in March.

It even more boiled down to 9,697 in April however zoomed by 30,307 systems in Might and by 22,077 in June. July saw a lead of 58,413 systems over the Elegance.

When gotten in touch with Honda Motorcycles & Scooter India senior vice president for Sales and Marketing, YS Guleria, associated the increasing market management of the Activa to the brand name salience along with the decrease in the back orders following the commissioning of the 0.6-million 2nd line at its Gujarat plant in June.

For the seventh successive month in July, Activa, flagship scooter from Honda, has not just topped the sales chart amongst all two-wheelers however has actually likewise added to 38 percent of the incremental sale in the market.

July likewise marked the highest-ever sales for Activa at 2,56,173 systems given that its launch in 2001.

“We more than happy that the Activa continues to cheer us with ever-increasing month-to-month volumes and leading the market volume chart. July saw the optimum lead over the Elegance with the Activa leading by 58,413 systems,” Guleria informed PTI over phone from Delhi.

However given that January this year, it has actually not recalled with July tape-recording the best sales margin over the Elegance with a lead of 58,413 systems, inning accordance with the Siam information.

“We ought to likewise keep in mind that the Honda Activa 4g contributed as much as 38 percent of the incremental sales of 1,62,703 systems in the market in July,” he included.

Because year, it likewise held the lead in July and September. Likewise, in 2015, it led the Elegance in 5 months.

The Activa for the very first time ended the 15-year reign of Elegance from the Hero MotorCorp steady in March 2014 as well as for 5 months in 2015.


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